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mObridge M2 Media - MOST

Art.nr: MO2010
Antatt leveringstid 3-5 dager


The mObridge MOST M2.Media product is our latest iPod & USB media MOST platform supporting Mercedes, BMW, Porsche & Audi.  The M2.Mediais the new successor to the very successful A2010.  The M2.Media builds on the A2010 by now adding USB MP3 playback and iPod Lightning jack support.

The M2.Media supports USB hubs so it is possible to run both USB memory sticks and the iPod at the same time.  The M2.Media also has a standard 3.5mm auxilliary input.

Blackfin DSP processor

The M2.Media platform for MOST now contains a secondary dedicated Digital Signal Processor alongside a powerful primary microprocessor.  The added complexities of handling MOST digital audio coupled with mObridge's expertise in DSP processing have allowed us to have far more control over the routing and control of the audio streams.  

ARM9 Processor

The M2.Media has a dedicated primary processor for handling USB devices for software updates & MP3 playback.

Software Updates, MP3 playback & USB charging

The M2.Media also provides a full USB port for easy software updates as well as providing 1A charging capability for your iPhone/iPod.  We now also do complete MP3 playback and browsing.


  • Full integration into the vehicles radio.
  • Operates through all of the existing phone controls in the vehicle.
  • Adds 1A USB charging port
  • USB MP3 playback
  • USB hub support for mutiple devices
  • USB port for easy software updates
  • iPhone/iPod USB interface support the 30 pin and lightning jack connectors
  • Auxillary audio input

Kit includes

  • M2.Media MOST Control Unit
  • Quick start manual
  • Wiring harness for plug and play connection to the vehicle.
  • Fiber optic 'T' piece
  • Fiber optic loop
  • USB extension with aux plug for glove compartment mounting


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