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mObridge M2 Connect MOST - Premium handsfree/streaming

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Avansert adapter som integrerer handsfree løsning som originalt i utvalgte Premium biler. Se liste over hvilke biler som er kompatible. 

Adapterer har i tillegg til handsfree også blåtann streaming mulighet. 



The mObridge M2.Connect MOST allows for Handsfree Telephony and Audio Streaming via Bluetooth. This product is our third generation mObridge MOST Bluetooth interface that builds on the popular first & second generation M1000-M-BT products. This is by far the most advanced after-market Bluetooth Interface available for many MOST-bus vehicles. Now including a secondary dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for improving MOST audio!

Utilizing the latest in Parrot Bluetooth technology the mObridge M2.Connect features the standard array of phonebook and telephony control customers have come to expect from mObridge but with new Bluetooth Audio Streaming too with control and track information, a 1A USB port for phone charging and software updates, and now with a mObridge Android app for virtual gauges such RPM, turbo boost and speedo. The mObridge M2.Connect is in a class of it's own!

Easy vehicle selection with DIP switches, plus USB connection for software updates and 1A USB phone charging.

In addition to this we have now added our Android app available through the App store which now gives the unit the ability to do automatic softrware upgrades from any Android device.

The app can be found here

The M1000-M product page can be found here


mObridge now has an Andoid app allowing software updates automatically from your Android device.  Software uploaded to our website is automatically available with this app and the user will be prompted to update.  The downlaod can be found here

Blackfin DSP processor

The M2.Connect platform for MOST now contains a secondary dedicated Digital Signal Processor alongside a powerful primary microprocessor.  The added complexities of handling MOST digital audio coupled with mObridge's expertise in DSP processing have allowed us to have far more control over the routing and control of the audio streams.  

ARM9 Processor

The M2.Connect has a dedicated primary processor for handling USB devices for software updates as well as MOST telephony and phonebook control

Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Control

All M2.Connect products now ship with Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Control as standard across all vehicles in true stereo audio as well as displaying song titles, artist and album info coupled with track control capability.

Software Updates & USB charging

The M2.Connect also provides a full USB port for easy software updates as well as providing 1A charging capability for your phone.It allows the use of the vehicle's factory controls and display unit to control and browse the telephone book and call lists of your mobile phone. 

Parrot Technology

By utilizing the very latest Parrot FC6000 Bluetooth Technology, mObridge offers Best-In-Class telephone support with greater than 1000 supported devices.

Android app
  • DIP switches for easy vehicle configuration
  • USB software updates
  • USB 1A charging
  • Dedicated secondary Blackfin Digital Signal Processor for complex audio routing on MOST
  • Powerful ARM9 primary microprocessor for telephony and phonebook control
  • Bluetooth Audio Stereo streaming across all vehicles
  • Bluetooth Audio track/artist/album info
  • Bluetooth Audio track up/down control
  • Auto phone deletion once the maximum number of paired phones has been reached
  • Fully integrated Bluetooth interface that uses the vehicle's existing displays and controls.
  • Parrot FC6000 Bluetooth technology for best in class phone compatibility
  • Retains the vehicle's original dashboard aesthetics.
  • Access to phonebook entries and call lists.
  • Caller ID display, manual dial, and phone book dial.
  • Support for up to 3 paired phones.
  • Hang-up, answer calls, and adjust volume through steering wheel and radio mounted controls.
  • Dial through factory radio keypad (if equipped).
  • Android mObridge app support for software updates and Bluetooth audio parameter configuration